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Herbal Remedies and Cures for Diaper Rash Things to help your Baby
Some general herbal remedies and cures that help in healing diaper rashes are:
Sesame Oil: Apply sesame oil on baby’s skin. It is helpful in maintaining the moisture of the skin. Thus it prevents diaper rash. It is an effective herbal remedy for diaper rash.
Olive Oil: Mix a teaspoonful of water in a teaspoonful of olive oil. Gently massage with this mixture on the baby’s skin. It is the best herbal remedy for diaper rash.
Calendula: Calendula is the best herb used in diaper rash problem. Apply the oil extracted from calendula on the skin of the baby to get rid of diaper rash.
Plantain Leaves Extract: Rub gently the extract of plantain leaves to avoid diaper rash.
Comfrey: Apply the oil of comfrey on butts of the baby. Comfrey roots are helpful in curing diaper rash problem. Gently rub crushed roots on the skin of the baby. You can apply this remedy every time you are changing the diaper. It is the best herbal remedy for diaper rash.
Fenugreek: Take some seeds of Fenugreek. Grind the seeds properly and mix them in a cup of water to make a paste. Now apply this paste on the baby’s buttocks to prevent diaper rash problem.
Lavender Flowers: Extract oil from lavender and massage with this oil on the baby’s bottom for few minutes. It will surely help in diaper rash problem.
Elder Flowers: Grind or chop the flowers of elder herb and then put them in a glass tumbler. Now add some vegetable oil to it. Stir the solution properly to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Keep this solution in a warm place for 3 to 4 days and then apply it to the baby’s skin. It is helpful in curing diaper rash.
Aloe-Vera: It is an herb having strong cleansing properties. Give a warm bath to your baby and then apply aloe-Vera gel on the butts of baby. It is a guaranteed herbal treatment for diaper rash.
Peppermint and sandalwood: Prepare a mixture of sandal wood and peppermint oil. Gently massage with this oil on the baby’s bottom. It is an effective remedy for curing diaper rash Herbal Remedies for High Blood Pressure Motherwort – It is another good herbal treatment used for high blood pressure suffering patients, its also very good for heart patients.
Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia Serpentina) –

This is one of the best known remedy for curing hypertension condition.

Half a teaspoonful of this herb taken thrice daily, may work for curing hypertension effectively.
Potassium is a critical mineral for maintenance of healthy blood pressure.
Mistletoe (Viscum album): Mistletoe is believed to function as a regulator of blood pressure, exerting a healing effect in both hypertension and hypotension.
Coriander Juice – Drink coriander juice made from fresh coriander (dhania). You may drink this juice initially thrice daily (1 full glass) for 1-2 months and then as the condition improves, you may reduce it to once daily in the morning.
Fenugreek Juice – If Coriander Juice doesn’t gives effective results then you may start taking fenugreek juice, made from fresh fenugreek (methi) in the same way as coriander juice.

Garlic- This is nature blood thinner.It keeps deadly clots from forming and promotes tip-top blood circulation.It also decreases blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels.No medications can match  rhe stunning versatility of this simple bulb.Two chemicals- allicin and ajoene- are responsible for the cardiovascular benefits. Taking 3 cloves a day a must.
Natural Remedies== Steps == #1 Look for natural remedies. Essential oils have proved to work rather well as natural remedies for hemorrhoids and there are two in particular that you should try – peppermint oil and tea tree oil. The latter acts as an antiseptic as well as soothing the pain and irritation that this uncomfortable condition can cause and peppermint oil is perfect when a couple of drops are added to bath water and used for fifteen minutes three times per day where possible. The tea tree oil can be added to olive oil or similar and applied to the area neat for a real soothing feel that will seem to be heaven on your bottom region! #2 Learn the things that you can try at home to try and relieve the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids as well as prevent them from happening in the future. Firstly, try not to wear tight fitting clothing especially in the hot summer months as this will cause sweating and this in turn, can lead to hemorrhoids. Not only that but wearing nylon and other such materials can prove to be bad for the skin as they can encourage sweating and not have the absorbency needed to take the sweat away from the anal area. #3 When you have bowel movements, do not just use toilet paper to clean yourself. Try using a moistened toilet paper that can be bought for quite cheap in most stores. Not only that but if you can wipe with a cool towel, you can soothe the irritation as you clean but remember not to over wash the area as this can dry the skin out leading to more irritation and itching; something you are trying to get rid of! #4 Try avoiding these. There are a few things that are well known to cause anal itching so to learn about the home hemorrhoids remedies that you can try, you must avoid these. Things such as black pepper, curry powder, cayenne pepper and much more besides are known to cause anal itching for those that suffer with hemorrhoids as well as those that don’t so researching these irritating foods and avoiding them is a great idea! #5 Get rid of steroids. Despite the fact that steroids are actually recommended to help get rid of hemorrhoids, try to avoid using them at all or at least minimally as these creams can make the skin thinner and therefore lead to more irritation. You will generally find that over the counter creams only offer short term benefits for the relief of piles or hemorrhoids so by using home remedies, you can try to eliminate the problem completely as well as improve your overall general hygiene. You should also take a good look at your diet as this can help as a home hemorrhoids treatment. Make sure that you have enough fiber – found in things such as vegetables, fruits and also whole grains for Hemorrhoids
Prevent a Burn from Blistering With AloePurchase an aloe plant at your local farmers market, grocer, or gardening store. #1 Keep the aloe plant in the kitchen or where it will be handy for a common household burn. #2Cut off a few of the large base leaves, split them horizontally (from base to tip) exposing the gel. #3Put the leave slices in a Ziploc freezer bag and place in the freezer. Make sure you put them somewhere you can get to them easily in the freezer. Frozen aloe is much more comforting on more severe burns. #4Keep a roll of bandage tape or band-aids handy in a kitchen drawer. #5When a burn occurs take the frozen leaf out, cut a piece large enough to cover the burn, tape it on, and leave it on for as long as possible.
How to Prevent Infections and Diseases Using Garlic#1  Do you have high blood pressure? According to recent medical studies, 1 1/2 to 2 cloves of Garlic can help reduce that.{{Fact}} #2  Back in early Egyptian times, garlic was eaten to help clear clogged arteries. So if you regret eating all that cheese, try some garlic. #3  Garlic is also helps your hair grow{{Fact}}, it can also work like rubbing alcohol on cuts and scrapes{{Fact}}, and when garlic is added to Aloe Vera plant extract and mineral water and applied to the skin, it can be used for all types of skin irritations such as acne.{{Fact}} #4  The reason garlic is so useful, is because it is like an antibiotic.{{Fact}} It contains Allicin, which has anti-hyperlipidemic activity. #  So whether you eat it, or apply it to your skin it can help your body in so many ways.{{Fact}}
Treat a Sore Throat With AloeGather your ingredients. #1 Make a basic gargle from 1/4 cup witch hazel extract, 1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, and 1/4 cup aloe vera gel. Aloe gel is great to have on hand for a variety of home remedies and can be harvested easily from the cut stem of an aloe plant, if you have one at home. Otherwise, aloe gel is available commercially at grocery stores, pharmacies, and online. #2 Combine ingredients and shake! #3 Gargle as often as desired and enjoy the relief. Keep the solution in a sealed container (no need to refrigerate) for up to four months. #4 To further aid in abating a sore throat, coat the throat tissue regularly with warm liquids. Drink as much fluid as possible. Keeping the throat well-lubricated can help to prevent it from becoming dry and irritated. In addition to gargling with aloe vera, frequently drink hot beverages, such as broth and hot tea.
 Stomach acids are necessary for the digestion of food. However, if too much acid develops in the stomach you may experience several painful or uncomfortable symptoms including gas and bloating, a burning feeling in your stomach, burning in the back of your throat after burping (known as acid reflux), chest pain or heart burn. Most people suffer from these symptoms from time to time, usually after eating certain foods, eating too quickly without chewing food well, or lying down too soon after eating. Obesity, pregnancy and other medical conditions may also lead to increased stomach acid.=== Home Remedies to Decrease Stomach Acid ===
# Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water until it dissolves completely and drink it to neutralize stomach acid. Add honey or lemon for taste if you want. Use Home Remedies for Decreasing Stomach Acid Step 7.
# Mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey into a glass or water and drink it before eating a meal. Alternatively, you can take 2 teaspoons of apple cider straight or mix it into anything you are eating or drinking. Image:Use Home Remedies for Decreasing Stomach Acid Step 8.
# Use ginger to decrease stomach acid.Image:Use Home Remedies for Decreasing Stomach Acid Step 9.
#* Purchase whole ginger root from a health food or natural store. Some grocery stores carry ginger, as well. Slice off a piece and suck on it, swallowing the juices to neutralize stomach acids.
#* Use ground ginger in cooking, mix it into yogurt or fruit salads, or steep it hot water to make a tea.
# Chew a piece of sugar free gum or suck on a lemon drop or sour candy to stimulate the production of saliva. Saliva is alkaline, so swallowing saliva neutralizes stomach acid.Use Home Remedies for Decreasing Stomach Acid Step 10.
# Drink herbal teas that contain spearmint and licorice. Both are known for their acid-neutralizing effects. Decreasing Stomach Acid Step 11.
# Drink a glass of cabbage juice or coconut water daily to keep stomach acids balanced.:Use Home Remedies for Decreasing Stomach Acid Step 12.
# Sleep on your left side or elevate the head of your bed if the symptoms of stomach acid are keeping you awake at night.Use Home Remedies for Decreasing Stomach Acid Step 13.
 Body Acne home remedies

  • Allergies to cosmetics may be a cause, too, so if your acne started after using new cosmetics, eliminate them for a week to see if the acne clears up.
  • Keep your hands away from your face or other affected areas. They contain oils and bacteria that promote acne. Wash your hands frequently.
  • Keep your bed linens clean, as dead skin, oil, cosmetics, hair preparations and dirt on the linen will be picked up by your skin while you sleep and help clog pores.
  • Avoid all foods containing trans-fatty acids, such as milk, milk products, cookies, chips, margarine, chocolate, shortening and hydrogenated oils and try to include zinc, vitamin A, and essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid.
  • Refined sugars are best to be avoided. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and avoid iodine-rich foods such as sea foods.

Remedies for Allergies

  • Essential oils are known to be beneficial in relieving skin allergies and hay fever. Pour a couple of drops of basil, lavender, peppermint and basil essential oils onto a handkerchief and place against your nose when you feel the onset of allergy symptoms. You can also use these oils with a diffuser.
  • Consume a mixture of lemon and grapefruit thrice daily.
  • Quercetin is known to be one of the best natural remedies for allergies. It serves as a natural anti-histamine and hence prevents an allergic reaction from taking place. Quercetin is present in foods such as onions, parsley and apples. Dark berries, olive oil and grapes also contain quercetin. You can even take quercetin supplements in the form of pills or capsules. These supplements also contain bromelain which has anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain is an enzyme contained in pineapple.
  • Home remedies to cure allergies also include honey. Honey contains the pollen that triggers allergies. Therefore by delivering small amounts of the pollen, it helps to immunize the body against the trigger. You can consume a couple of tablespoons of honey daily, especially during hay fever season.
  • Sandalwood is one of the most effective home remedies for skin allergies. Make a paste of lemon juice and sandalwood and apply to the affected areas for relief from itching and irritation.
  • Mash some almond leaves and apply to the affected skin.
  • Skin allergies can be relieved by applying a paste of mashed papaya seeds to the affected part of the body.
  • Coconut oil helps to alleviate skin rashes. Add a few drops of lemon juice to coconut oil and apply to the affected areas.
  • Poppy seeds are believed to be effective in treating skin allergies. Take one tablespoon of poppy seeds and mix with a little water to form a paste. Add one teaspoon of lime juice to it and apply to the affected skin.
  • Castor oil is helpful in treating food allergies. You can consume a teaspoon of castor oil every day on an empty stomach. Castor oil helps to soothe the digestive system by reducing irritation and inflammation
Relieving Morning SicknessSometime women get morning sickness 6weeks to 12 weeks into thier pregenancy .Thier not really a cure but are website has found some home remedies you should look at.Herbs that help:

Ginger helps with nausea by warming the digestive tract and improve digestion.

Dandelion Some people have nausea this is also a great home remedie

Almonds Help tone the sphincter between the esophgus and the stomach so the acid stays in the stomach



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